The Noblesville’s Next Chapter Agenda policy platform is made up of four key pillars that drive Chris Jensen’s campaign: Transforming Public Safety, Protecting and Enhancing Historic Downtown, Strong and Sustainable Workforce Development, and Smart Infrastructure Investment. Please follow the links for more information about any of the pillars!
Public Safety
Noblesville is ready to tackle the next generation of safety issues: we’re ready to fight the opioid epidemic, we’re ready to address the state of mental health in our community, and we’re ready to give our first responders the tools they need to face these challenges.
To meet these challenges, Noblesville needs to rethink and re-engage in how it empowers citizens, how it looks ahead to new public safety training needs, and how it partners with the state, county, and other cities to keep our citizens safe.
Workforce Development
Noblesville’s next chapter of economic growth depends on building a strong workforce. Entrepreneurs, cutting-edge companies, and good paying jobs come to Noblesville for one reason – because our city has the people, families, and community they need to be successful.
To grow that workforce, Noblesville should know its economic identity to find where we’re strong and where we need work, invest in smart, long-term business growth strategies, give students and workers at every stage of life new pathways to work, and focus our economic development efforts on the best way forward for Noblesville.
Noblesville is one of the best places in Indiana to live, work, and raise a family because of our history, traditions, and the strength of our city’s community. Our downtown and Courthouse Square are at the heart of those traditions and community.
As past generations protected downtown for us, we need to preserve and enhance that legacy to ensure an even better Noblesville for generations to come.
The final pillar of my campaign is making smart investments in Noblesville’s infrastructure. Noblesville has traffic and mobility issues and we have talked about plans to solve those problems for years.
It’s time to implement planned projects that have been in the pipeline for years – and make it easier for Noblesville residents and visitors to get where they need to be, when they need to be there.
Specifically, my first priority would be completing the long-planned Pleasant Street extension.